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Whew! My about page is done…

December 31, 2005

It took me a while to do the about page but a version is out there. I am not completely satisfied with it. I will have to tweak the size again. Anyway its done even though it is very basic. The ‘self portrait’ on the page took me about 2 hours to do(I did a great of cleanup on the image)


New Favorite Website: Pandora

December 29, 2005 is a great music site. You can create stations based on artists you like and you can peruse through new music. Its a good way of discovering new artists and old ones that you may have missed.

Latest Creation

December 28, 2005

I frequent 3d modeling sites quite often. One of the sites is called Cinema 4D Cafe. Its a place for users of Cinema 4D(like myself) where there are forums and tutorials(which maxon is lax on). Every month they hold a modeling competition and the best one receives a prize. I usually don’t participate in the contests because usually the subject matter does not interest me. This month was the exception. The challenge was to come up with a new sleigh for santa. Attached is a picture of said santa sleigh.


Cool invention of 2005, Part I.

December 27, 2005

You will have to navigate a little to view the invention from the link here. Its an invention called the Hybrid Assistive Limb. It looks a bit goofy but it helps people who are weak such as disabled and elderly people walk and carry heavy objects.